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Parking Lifts

Maximize your mechanic garage or automotive shop space with premium parking lifts! This collection from Garage Auto Equipment is designed to elevate your car storage game with efficient reliable hydraulic car lifts from trusted brands.

Make the most out of your available space! Our two-post and two-post car lifts deliver unmatched convenience and functionality doubling your parking capacity and effectively stacking vehicles on top of each other. Whether you are a car enthusiast looking to create your dream garage or a business owner aiming to maximize parking space, these lifts are a game-changer. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional parking and hello to a streamlined and organized parking solution with these parking lifts. Shop more from Garage Auto Equipment!

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BendPak HD-9ST 9,000-lb. Capacity Narrow Width Car Lift BendPak HD-9 9,000-lb. Capacity Standard Width Car Lift HD-7P 7,000-lb. Capacity Short Runways Extra-Tall Lift
HD-9STX 9,000-lb. Capacity Narrow Width, Extra-Tall Lift HD-9XL 9,000-lb. Capacity Extra Wide, Standard Height, Long Runway Car Lift BendPak HD-7W
HD-7W 7,000-lb. Capacity Short Runways Extra-Wide, Extra-Tall Car Lift
Your Price: $5,195.00
HD-9XW 9,000-lb. Capacity Standard Width, Extra-Tall Lift HD-14T 14,000-lb. Capacity Tall Lift / 82" Rise Car Lift HDS-14 14,000-lb. Capacity Standard Length Car Lift
Autostacker PL-6SR Auto Parking Lift HDSO-14 14,000-lb. Capacity Open Front Car Lift HD-9SW
HD-9SWX 9,000-lb. Capacity Super Wide 82" Rise Car Stacker Parking Lift BendPak HDS-18E PL-6KT