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MAHA MCL 12 Wireless Series Mobile Column Lift 820mm Columns(Set of 2)

Maha Wireless MCL 12 Mobile Column Lift
Maha MCL 12 Wireless Series

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Product Code: MCLN-12-WRL

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Description Technical Specs

MCL Wireless Series

Capable of operating virtually anywhere, regardless of power supply; lifting vehicles weighing up to 144,000 lbs

MAHA USA Wireless Mobile Column Lifting Systems

In order to give users true mobility, we have designed our most prized lift to date; the industry leading Wireless Mobile Column Lift (MCL B). Completely wireless and capable of operating virtually anywhere, our Wireless Mobile Column Lift is the only wireless heavy duty lift on the market powered by a ball-screw.

USA Made

German Engineering made in the USA
Brilliantly crafted by German Engineers united with quality American craftsmanship

Proudly Made in the USA

Cable Free and Reliable: Wireless Communication

With configurations using up to eight lifts, the wireless MCL networks to create a lifting platform for vehicles weighing up to 144,000 lbs. in a matter of minutes. Each column features a user-friendly LED control panel with the ability to communicate on up to 10 different frequency channels, allowing operation of multiple sets in the same area. Unlike other wireless systems, our dependable channel hopping feature eliminates interference issues caused by other radio systems.

Increased Shop Floor Utilization
Our design is sleek and efficient. The slim line gives technicians optimal space for working around the columns and are convenient to store when not in use.

ALI Certification

Certified by the American Lift Institute (ALI/ETL).

Boost Productivity and Technician Safety

Increase productivity with a flexible system which creates a more open, productive and accessible work space. The slim design of the “I-Beam” column provides improved access around the lift, which increases inspection and repair accuracy. Technicians can effortlessly move lifts around the workshop, increasing turnaround time and productivity.

In addition to meeting all requirements for certification, each column is equipped with redundant safety systems, giving users an added measure of security at all times.

Redundant Safety System

Load Control

The Primary Systemholds raised vehicles in place by heavy duty industrial brakes that engage automatically when the lift stops at ANY height. The Redundant Safety System’s wedge locks prevent the lifts from lowering in the unlikely event of a primary system failure. The locks are independent of the lifting mechanism, and engage directly with the columns. Their stand-by roles keep them in like-new condition throughout the life of the lift.


The Primary System keeps vehicles level during lifting and lowering due to the uniform speed of the column’s mechanical drive. The Redundant Safety System has electronic controls to monitor the lift and make minor corrections if an out-of-level condition should occur. If leveling cannot be restored, the lift system shuts down.

Independent Locking Devices

Multi level safety systems include a user defined emergency stop button, manual emergency lowering controls and automatic shut-off if lift comes into contact with an unforeseen obstacle.

Versatile Configurations

The control panel is simple to operate, no master column is required, giving users the flexibility to operate up to 8 columns from any column, in any order; independently, in groups or collectively.

1. Auto: all columns work in unison
2. Single: operate one column at a time and access single quadrants
3. Group Mode: allows users to move any number of columns together

Heavy Duty Rechargeable Batteries

Powered by long-lasting heavy duty batteries, our wireless mobile column lift will operate nearly anywhere, regardless of power supply.

The batteries easily charge with a simple 110V connection. And our wireless mobile column lift allows users the greatest number of lifting cycles in the industry—25 cycles at 100% capacity and 45 cycles at 50% capacity-- increasing technician productivity and revenue. Our batteries are batteries are hassle free, conveniently available at local, reputable retailers.

The Nation’s ONLY Wireless Ball-Screw Lift
The ONLY wireless mobile column lift in North America that uses a low friction re-circulating ball-screw for precise control when lifting and lowering. The ball-screw mechanism requires little maintenance, is lightweight and does not leak like hydraulic systems may. We’re so confident in the quality; we offer the longest warranty in the heavy duty lift industry, a full 5 years!

Carriage Options
Carriage options are available in extended width and lengths to accommodate specific lifting needs.

Quality Control
The quality of MAHA USA products stand for reliability and durability and always meet the highest standards. Trained and certified assembly experts uphold our principles, guaranteeing 100% quality control testing.

Return on Investment
Studies have shown mobile lifts can generate a strong ROI. Investment can be recovered in approximately five-six months if the lifts are constantly used in day-to-day operations and generate as much as $50,000 in additional revenue!

** Study based on mobile column lifts used by four technicians, each saving 40 minutes a day.

MAHA USA vs. Leading Competitor
MAHA USA is willing to compare its mobile column lifts to any competitor’s model. In fact, here is how the MAHA USA mobile column lifts stack up to the current leading competitor:


Leading Competitor

Ball-Screw Operated



Hydraulic Operated



ALI Certfified



Risk of Hydraulic Leak



Hydraulic and Analog Potentiometer Failure Risk



No-Contact Limit Switch



Easy to Maneuver



Redundant Safety System



Solid H-Beam Support Column



Steel Guided Wheels



Degradable Rubber Coated Wheels



Motor Power

2 HP

3+ HP

Column Width



Column Height



Lifting Cycles per Charge



Who uses MAHA USA’s Mobile Column Lifts?
MAHA’s Wireless Mobile Column Lifts can be found at places like:

  • Transit Agencies
  • Bus Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Public Works
  • School Bus Fleets
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Bus & Motor Coach Companies
  • Train & Subway Maintenance Facilities
  • Military
  • US Government
  • Fire Departments
  • Waste Management Companies
  • Tow Truck Companies
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Farming & Agricultural Operations
  • Airports
  • Mining Operations
  • RV Maintenance Shops

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